There are two ways for aligned individuals to work with Digithos. If you find our values inspiring and think you can bring in complementary skills to the mix, you can express interest in becoming part of Digithos. We then have a chat with you to understand you and your skills better. Specifically, we would spend a lot of time understanding value alignment - this comes before skills.

If we see alignment, you become a friend of Digithos. This means we will rope you in on projects where your skills can come in handy. We can also proactively identify opportunities to work on together. After working on couple of projects together, we might choose to invite you to be a full time member of Digithos. We are thinking through a compensation model that is completely aligned to our mission and values.

Roles & Responsibilities Of Friends

Roles & Responsibilities Of Members

  • Be the culture keepers of Digithos - Live, breathe our values,coach new friends/members and hold each other accountable
  • Continuously evolve strategy and set direction for Digithos
  • Engage actively in key decision making
  • Attend monthly/quarterly planning sessions, bootcamps and retreats
  • Help select new members/directors
  • Help scout for new friends

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