What Is Digithos?

Digithos is an amalgamation of two words – Digital and Ethos. We are a consulting cooperative focusing on scaling culture, building learning organizations, org design, people-centric leadership styles and management practices. We help our clients design future of work initiatives and interventions for business agility. Our mission is to liberate work and help create humane workplaces . Lot of our thinking has been influenced by numerous cooperative and democratic organizations around the world and we are deeply thankful for the inspiration.

We are big on workplace democracy,openness,transparency,trust,decentralization,collaboration and autonomy. While we are registered as a Private Limited company in India at this point, we are committed to moving towards an employee owned cooperative model in the near future. We will also experiment with a variety of engagement models that will help us build out a global collective.

Check out the Work We Do page for more.

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