These are values that we cherish and hold close to our hearts. This document is targeted at both existing and future friends and members of Digithos and prospective clients. We think this will give you good insight into our philosophy. And yes, do drop us a line in case you have any questions at sayhello[at]


Mindfulness is the operating system that drives Digithos. We firmly believe that being mindful and “present” in all our interactions and while making decisions lead to greater harmony and well-being of the business, individuals and society at large.

Optimize for meaning

We will try to optimize for meaning at all levels - collective, team and individual. Meaningful work means happy consultants. Meaningful outcomes means happy customers.


We cherish freedom deeply.Freedom to use our time, talent and resources in the pursuit of collective goals. Freedom to work from anywhere.

Explore the edges, learn and share

As lifelong learners, we will explore the edges of our practice - constantly stretching, improvising,learning, reflecting and sharing.

Develop good judgment

Good judgment means lesser rules and processes, and this will allow us to move fast. Members of the collective are expected to make sound day-to-day decisions keeping in mind our mission and values.

Be engaged

Given that we will be widely distributed across the globe, it is crucial that we stay engaged as a collective. This means active participation in channels that the collective agrees to use to organize, communicate and collaborate.

Balance out deep work and collaboration

We will practice and respect deep work. At the same time, being a global collective necessitates collaboration. We will need to manage this tension well by being empathetic about each others work styles and preferences.

Build an abundance mindset

We will work with a mindset of abundance and focus on what is possible and not be limited by where we are currently. Give freely of your time, talent and resources.

Show gratitude and appreciation

We will show deep gratitude and appreciation for the time, talent and resources we receive from each other and the society.

Celebrate Diversity

We will proactively invite diverse points of views and engage in constructive discussions to further our mission - compassion will drive these conversations not contempt. However, this cannot be in contention with the other values.

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